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Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption

Does Your Home Qualify for the Exemption?

You Must Own Your Home on January 1

Your homestead can be a separate structure, condominium or a mobile home located on land that you own.

The Home Must Be Your Principal Residence on January 1

If you have more than one house, you can only receive exemptions for your principal residence. If you temporarily move away from your home, you can still get an exemption if you do not establish another principal residence and you intend to return. For instance, if you enter a nursing home, your home still qualities as your homestead if you intend to return.

Military personnel stationed elsewhere, but are Oklahoma citizens, may be granted homestead exemption.

A parent residing in a home which is jointly owned with the parent's non-residing child may receive the exemption.

Who Qualifies for a Homestead

If you maintain a homestead and meet the ownership and residency requirements, you should qualify for homestead exemption. Homestead exemption is a $1,000 deduction from the gross assessed value of your home. In most cases this will result in between $80 and $120 in tax savings. To apply for the exemption contact the county assessor's office. Homestead applications received after March 15 will be credited to the following year. You do not have to apply each year providing your ownership or place of residence does not change. Property placed in living trusts is eligible for exemption. Property ownership held by a business, corporation or irrevocable trust is not eligible. Due to a shortage in staff, this office is unable to take electronic filing of your homestead at this time. We want everyone who qualifies for a homestead to be able to save the money on their taxes. Please call our office at 918-485-2367 if you have any difficulty coming to our office or meeting us at specified locations during the filing period and we will help you get your homestead. Please call our office to see if there is any necessary paper work to bring with you when you file.

Homestead exemptions may be taken throughout the year, but only those received by March 15 and meet residency requirements will be effective in the current year.

For your convenience, the Assessor's office staff goes to various locations throughout the county each year usually during the month of January. Please call the office in late December for these locations and we will also post the complete calendar of locations on this site the first week of January.

Homestead Exemption Form

You may print this form to fill out and fax to 918-485-8033 or mail to

Wagoner County Assessor's Office
307 E Cherokee
Wagoner, OK 74467.

Please call 918-485-2367 if you have any questions about the form. Forms may also be reviewed and downloaded from the Oklahoma Tax Commission website. Please keep in mind all cut off dates for filing your homestead. The form must be received by March 15.

View and download the PDF document for the Oklahoma Tax Commission form OTC-921 - Application for Homestead Exemption (PDF)

Wagoner County Assessor's Office will have representatives out in the community to take applications for Homestead, Senior Freeze and 100% Disabled Veteran exemptions. The applications must be filed no later than March 15 with the Assessor's office to be applied to the current tax year.

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