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Manufactured Homes

Assessing Manufactured Homes

The Wagoner County Assessor's Office complies and enforces all Oklahoma Tax Commission rules. It is the responsibility of the current owner to report the location and information of any manufactured home currently located or moving into Wagoner County.

A current year Form 936 is required before any title transfer, change or moving of a manufactured home.

When coming in to file a Form 936 please provide your title or vehicle registration receipt for our office to complete the form.

All taxes are due when requesting a Form 936. This includes any and all delinquent taxes and the full amount of tax for the current year. The Form 936 certifies that all taxes including penalties and interest have been paid.

A current year decal is issued by the County Treasurer upon payment of taxes and completed Form 936.

For a quote of estimated taxes or to pay by mail please contact our office for further instructions. When mailing in a check, all past due taxes and current taxes must be paid on two separate checks for the Treasurer.

Any other inquiries please call 918-485-2367.

Additional Information

Manufactured Homes are defined as structures, transportable in one or more sections, which in the traveling mode are eight feet or more in width or forty  feet or more in length, or when erected on site are more than 320 square feet, and which are built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as dwellings with or without permanent foundations when connected to the required utilities, and include the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems contained thereon. [O.S. TITLE 47 1102]

Manufactured Homes purchased new or brought in from another state are initially titled and registered at motor license agencies. Thereafter, they are placed on county ad valorem tax rolls and are issued registration renewal decals by the County Treasurer. [O.S. TITLE 47 1113]

For those Manufactured Homes purchased new or coming in from another state, license plates and corresponding registration decals shall be issued upon payment of the applicable registration fee for the balance of the year. [O.S. TITLE 47 115]

A current calendar year Form 936should be obtained each time the home is moved if not on a dealer's lot January 1st and titled and registered in the dealer's name. The Form 936 is used as a tracking devise as well as a receipt of taxes paid. If the home is not on the dealer's lot January 1st, a current year Form 936is required.

Metal tags are a requirement of the state, not the county. They are necessary anytime a mobile home is moved and may be purchased through your local tag agent.

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