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Wagoner County Financials

A complete listing of all Wagoner County weekly expenditures is now available online! By viewing the Weekly Expenditures page, you can see by week, all expenditures made by department, including the purpose for those expenditures.

Have you ever wondered how the County receives income from taxes and how those funds are spent?

View more information about County income and spending by viewing the Where Do My Property Taxes Go (PDF).

Wagoner County Budget

In accordance with Title 68 OS Sections 3022, the budgets and levies of Wagoner County are on file in the office of the Wagoner County Clerk and the office of the State Auditor and Inspector for inspection.

View the Wagoner County Budget archive.

Wagoner County Levies

If you live in the city limits of a city or town in the county of Wagoner, you would look at the first list titled "Cities/Towns". Find the city in which you live and then scroll across the page. You will see how much the ad valorem levy is for the County General Fund, the County Health Fund, the sinking fund for cities and towns (based on debt service), the millage for the general school fund and then the millage for each school district's general fund, building fund, and sinking fund as well as the general fund and building fund for the Vo-Tech districts. The final column has the total for all the levies. As look down the totals column, you can see where your city/town rates compared to the others in the County.

If you live in an unincorporated area, scroll down to where the heading is "School Districts". Find the school district you live and then scroll across as above. You will find your total assessment in the "totals" column as well. You can compare how much your levy would increase if you moved in the city limits by noting the difference between the two different sections. For example, if you live in the city of Bixby your assessment rate is 111.34. If you live in the unincorporated area but within the Bixby school district, your assessment rate is 97.84. Several of the assessment rates for living in a city and living in the county are the same. The difference comes where the city/town entity has a sinking fund. Only three cities in Wagoner County have a sinking fund: Bixby, Broken Arrow, and Tulsa.

Another factor in your assessment rate is whether or not you live in a fire protection district that collects ad valorem taxes. The Fire Departments which are funded by ad valorem and their rates are listed on this page.

View the Wagoner County Levies archive.

Valuations (Ad Valorem Taxes)

Property taxes are measured in mills. A mill is one-thousandth or $1 tax for every $1,000 of taxable value. Taxable value (assessed value) is equal to the fair cash value multiplied by the assessment percentage or ratio.

Wagoner County's Valuations for the Following Calendar Years

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