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Required Building Permit Documents

If you are coming to the office for computer assistance with getting your building permit, these documents are required.

  • Copy of filed deed to the property. This is the deed showing you own the property with the county clerk's stamp showing where it was filed. You can call the County Clerk's office at 918-485-2216 (charges may vary).
  • DEQ Paperwork. This can be a perc test for your soil or design plans. For assistance with this, DEQ's phone number is 918-293-1600.
  • Construction plans. These can be drawn designs that are essentially floor plans showing the building's layout.
  • Site Layout.This can be a hand-drawn aerial view of your property showing the following:
    • Distance from property line (in feet)
    • Distance from other structures (in feet)
    • Dumpster/trash control
    • Erosion control (stilt fencing)
    • Direction of water flow on the property (can draw arrows)
    • Concrete washout
    • Restroom access

All of the above-mentioned documents are required for building permits. If you have questions, please contact our office at 918-485-8123.

Thank you!

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