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Building in Wagoner County

Building Code ExceptionsWagoner County is excited to have you building in our community! To ensure construction methods are at the highest quality possible, our inspectors follow the guidance provided by the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) to inspect residential construction, renovation, and commercial construction in Wagoner County.

The Building Inspector is authorized under Oklahoma State Statute Title 19 Section 866.26-866.27, to oversee the implementation of building and construction codes. Anyone in Wagoner County unincorporated is to apply for a building permit unless exempt in accordance with state statute.

In addition to the IBC and IRC, our inspectors also utilize the following inspection requirements when inspecting building and construction:

Small Lot EPA Guidance (PDF)

Inspection Requirements
Work Requiring Building Permit

Driveway Culvert Sizing

If driveway culvert sizing is not provided to the builder via the neighborhood development plans, contact the Wagoner County Commissioner's office for your district to get appropriate sizing. If installing a driveway culvert directly on a section-line county roadway, County crews must size and would prefer to install.

Common Complaints

"I have water standing in my ditch in front of my house."

"My neighbor made some changes to their property and now water floods my yard/property."


Often these scenarios are related to improper conveyance of water due to undersized crossings. Some can be in county Right-of-Way (ROW) but often they are related to driveway culvert sizing. It is up to the property owner to ensure that the sizing is correct. The best way to do this is to get with the County staff and have the pipe installed and sized. If a home is built in a subdivision by a builder, the pipe sizing should reflect that of the final plat. If not provided on the final plat, the sizing should be obtained from the developer.

Additional Notes

County infrastructure is the primary concern of Wagoner County. Wagoner County does not have authority on private property outside of the subdivision regulation, zoning code violations, code enforcement violations, and any damages to county infrastructure due to property owner activity.

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