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Transportation Infrastructure in Wagoner County

It is common for property owners to subdivide land or lot-split land to sell portions to family members or perhaps even develop a neighborhood. At the time this becomes an option, property owners should consider whether they will make a shared entrance that is public or private. A public roadway is dedicated to the public, can be accessed by anyone, must meet a strict set of construction quality and methods requirements, and will be maintained by the Wagoner County road crews. A private entrance is considered a driveway by County crews and will not be maintained. Additionally, a private entrance is not required to meet any specific construction quality or methods standards.

A subdivision of land is any division of land that results in parcels or lots less than 10 acres in total area or parcels of any area that require vacation or dedication of right-of-way, changes to public utility easements, highways, or roadways to be divided. A lot-split is a division of land that results in parcels or lots 10 acres or greater in total size with no aforementioned alterations. A subdivision is subject to the Wagoner County Subdivision Regulation; a lot-split is not and can be accomplished using a lot-split application.

Please reference the Wagoner County Subdivision Regulation for more information regarding public infrastructure construction requirements as well as the difference between a subdivision of land and a lot split. A construction permit will be applied for during the platting process.

Construction Permit

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