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Planning & Zoning

Operational Authority

In accordance with Oklahoma State Title 19 Section 866, Wagoner County created the Wagoner Metropolitan Planning Commission, the Wagoner County Board of Adjustment, Wagoner County Subdivision Regulation, and hired staff to administrate the Planning and Zoning office. In addition to these recommending and approving bodies, the County also hired an Inspector to oversee Code Enforcement and residential building practices.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Planning and Zoning office assists citizens in Wagoner County with:

  • Development of land
  • Home building permits and standards
  • Zoning Changes
  • Administrative duties associated with each Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment
  • Presentation of approved documents to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Contractor work permits
  • Code Enforcement disputes
  • Administration of the Wagoner County Master Plan

Code Enforcement

Wagoner County enforces all codes, regulations, and ordinances adopted by the Board of County Commissioners under the authority given by Title 19, Section 866. If a Wagoner County citizen notices and would like to report a violation of these codes, regulations, and ordinances, they must first fill out the Complaint Form and transmit the form as outlined. All complaints will be investigated, verified and dealt with in accordance with the Wagoner County Code Enforcement Manual. Citizens may review all governing documents to determine if a complaint is an actual violation.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF)

Exemption to Regulations

In accordance with Oklahoma Statute Title 19, Section 866.30, "The power of the Board [of County Commissioners] to establish building and construction codes shall not apply to a single-family residence located on a separate parcel of land under one ownership, containing twenty acres or more in area; nor shall the provisions of this act {Title 19, 866} apply to any lands which, as the effective date thereof, are devoted to manufacturing or industrial use or have been acquired by any owner for expansion of facilities devoted to manufacturing and/or industrial use, so long as such use or ownership continues."

Governing Documents

  1. Wagoner County OK Homepage

  1. 307 E Cherokee Street Wagoner, OK 74467

  1. Phone: 918-485-2216

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