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Fire Districts - Corporate - Title 18

Corporate Fire Districts in Wagoner County


Title 18 Fire Departments are incorporated as a charitable corporation for the purpose of providing either a volunteer or full-time fire department for an unincorporated area or place. Such Fire Departments are considered an agency of the State of Oklahoma while performing fire protection services.


A Fee Schedule may be established for fire services rendered to members and to non-members. 18 OS 592-594


Title 18 Fire Departments are governed by a Board of Directors/Trustees who establishes the By-Laws under which the Department operates.

A Title 18 Fire Department may petition the Board of County Commissioners to convert to a county fire department. 19 OS 351-351.3

Open Meeting/Open Records Acts

According to the Attorney General's Opinion 02-37, any private organization-either for-profit or non-profit-is subject to the Open Meeting Act if it receives a direct allocation of public funds from tax or other revenues; and the organization receives funds regardless of whether they provide goods or perform services.

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