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Can I file my military discharge papers (DD214) with the county clerk?

Yes. Senate Bill 960 which became law July 1, 2002, requires County Clerks to keep DD Form 214 records (Veteran records) separate from records available for public inspection. A record of the names of veterans who have filed DD Forms 214 shall be made available for public inspection. The only person authorized to view and copy the DD Form 214 is: 

a. The veteran 

b. The veteran's spouse or child 

c. A guardian for or a person having power of attorney for the veteran, the spouse or child, upon presentation of a court order showing such. 

d. A representative of the United States Department of Veterans 

e. A funeral director upon presentation of a contract signed by the person responsible for the funeral costs for the veteran. 

f. A person authorized by the court to view or copy the DD Form 214 upon presentation of the court order. 

The County Clerk shall record the names and addresses of the above person viewing and/or copying a DD Form 214. The law also says a County Clerk shall not be liable or responsible for any harm or damages that may occur as a result of any person obtaining, copying or viewing a DD Form 214.

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