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I sold my property, why am I still getting the tax bill?

If you sold your property just shortly before or after we run the tax roll, that change will not be reflected on the tax roll. If you get a statement and no longer own the property please call immediately so we can get the statement to the correct owner.

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1. I sold my property, why am I still getting the tax bill?
2. I paid my share of taxes on my closing settlement, why am I getting a bill?
3. The first year I lived in my house, my taxes were lower than my second year, why?
4. How can my property be worth more if I haven't done any improvements on it?
5. How will new homes in my older neighborhood affect my property taxes?
6. Why did my taxes increase if the Assessor's office didn't raise the value?
7. Do you really visit each home in the county at some time?
8. Is the Assessor's office going to raise my value every year?
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